Pinot Noir | Santa Cruz
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Santa Cruz Mountains

Pinot Noir | Highlands Ranch
  • From $48.00

Santa Lucia Highlands

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Pinot Noir | Central Coast
  • From $32.00

California's Central Coast


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What the critics think.

The critics have spoken. The ratings are in, and they present a very clear story.

It's simultaneously refreshing and savory.

- Editors Choice

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Crisp, vivid and bright on the palate, with fruit flavors.

- Santa Cruz, Chardonnay

The Pinot File

Wonderful example of what California can produce.

- KW Vineyard, Pinot Noir

Burgundy Hound

Year's best U.S. Chardonnay!

- Best Buy

Wine & Spirits Magazine

Eucalyptus and thyme, proving lively & refreshing.

- KW Vineyard, Pinot Noir

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Tangy tannins seem to drive floral red-cherry.

- Santa Cruz, Pinot Noir

Wine & Spirits Magazine

Harmonious, clean and fresh, with plenty of fruit.

- Nelson, Chardonnay

Wine & Spirits Magazine


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Pinot Gris | Oregon
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Willamette Valley

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Awarded 90+ | Pinot Pack
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Variety Pack

Pinot Noir | Santa Lucia Highlands
  • From $42.00

Monterey County

Pinot Noir | Fifty-Fifty
  • From $20.00

California's Central Coast

Envision the Vintage

The pride of our wines begins in the vineyard, as California is very dynamic. Climate, geography, topography and soil types change dramatically throughout the state. By mastering the vineyard, we can understand the vintage, embracing these subtle nuances to enhance color, flavor and aromatics. Explore the appellation while you enjoy true varietal character unique to the growing region. Envision the Vintage.

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Appellation Appetite

A cluster of wine education, flavorful recipes, industry myths & more!

Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Orzo (Recipe)

An easy 1-2-3 recipe that certainly pairs with Mignanelli Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey County Pinot Noir. This recipe is a seasonal favorite and...

Mushroom Tortellini (Recipe)

An easy 1-2-3 recipe that certainly pairs with Mignanelli Chardonnay. Peppery arugula is balanced by a mix of sauteed mushrooms and cool creme frai...

How is wine made?

How is Wine Made? From harvesting to fermentation, lets dive into the process. Harvesting the Grapes - After the decision is made that the grapes ...

What makes a wine unique?

What Makes Wine Unique? The characteristics of a wine is what you should be paying attention to. The various components of a wine, its color, aroma...

How to describe a wine.

Describing a wine surrounds three basic areas; appearance, aroma and flavor. Lets build upon these three areas so you can standout at your next gat...


Gain access to vintages dating back to our first vintage! Whether a certain vintage means something special or your seeking the missing vintage to a vertical you have been searching for; take a taste back in time to complete your personal collection.

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