What makes a wine unique?

What is Wine? Wine making is an art that originated many centuries ago. The basics of winemaking are taken care of by nature as naturally occurring yeast will convert available sugars into alcohol. Today's techniques are still quite similar to those ancient beginnings in many respects. The winemaker's art is to support the natural process; from growing grapes to promoting fermentation, ideally embracing and not interfering with the natural flavors and complexities that occur naturally in wine.

What Makes Wine Unique? The characteristics of a wine is what you should be paying attention to. The various components of a wine, its color, aroma and flavor, all have unique characteristics which you should learn to look out for and recognize. These characteristics make up the tasting experience that is wine. Wine is very subjective. No two people will agree every time on which wines are great and which are not as each individual has different perspectives and preferences on what equates to a "Great Wine".

Influencing Factors? In general there are five areas of influence; growing the grapes, harvesting the grapes, fermentation, aging and bottling. It does vary slightly from region to region, style to style and producer to producer, but these are the general steps that ultimately influence the final product.