The pride of our wines begins in the vineyard, as California is very dynamic. Climate, geography, topography and soil types change dramatically throughout the state. By mastering the vineyard, we can understand the vintage, embracing these subtle nuances to enhance color, flavor and aromatics. Explore the appellation while you enjoy true varietal character unique to the growing region.


Our vineyard focused philosophy can be credited with the elegance of our wines. Using the terroir to express the varietal, allows the growing season to define the vintage. We Highlight the premier growing regions and signature varietals along California’s Central Coast. Mignanelli Family Wines has become known for crafting with distinction only Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Unique soils, climates and topography, coinciding with our dry farming practices define the character expressed in each wine. The Mignanelli Family has partnered with long-term notable growers in the most sought-after appellations (Anderson Valley, Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Lucia Highlands and the Santa Maria Valley) to artfully compose wines of impeccable quality and true varietal character. 


With great passion and commitment towards perfection, quality and the environment we continue to expand our winemaking journey throughout California’s Central Coast, exploring new vineyards - from the mountain tops to the valley floor. Can you Envision the Vintage?