Welcome to our fall 2015 Release

Wine is a journey that never ends – so many small decisions have led us to our current philosophy around site driven Pinot Noir and the 13' vintage represents our vision.

2013 also represented improvements in our facilities and equipment access; we moved into a professional facility (from our garage) with access to world-class equipment and more importantly the opportunity to work alongside experienced Pinot Noir winemakers. We are grateful to the winegrowers and winemakers for being so responsive and providing thoughtful guidance.

Record sun hours and early harvest were the themes for 2013.  Managing yields and making the decision to harvest early greatly influenced this vintage. We’re excited to offer you what we feel is our best vintage to date. Each vineyard select wine is unique and expressive - speaking to the individual sites. I describe the vintage as having wonderful classic Pinot fruit flavors, fine tannins and high overall quality.  We’d love your feedback after tasting the 2013’s.


Byron Mignanelli

Single Vineyard Bottlings:

Romas Vineyard | Anderson Valley

Small family vineyard planted exclusively to Pinot Noir in 1992. These low yielding vines are 1800 feet above of Boonville, on an exposed ridge influenced by cold pacific breezes, consistently yielding highly aromatic elegant Pinot Noir. We love the site and the end product.

Although many areas of California experienced record sun hours in 2013 – at 1800 feet  and 13 nautical miles from the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean - the site struggled to ripen. Harvested October 10th, after many Cabernet vineyards, the fruit was beautiful, balanced and was able to achieve extra hang-time without compromising fruit quality. Purchase Here.

KW Vineyard | Santa Lucia Highlands:

Home ranch of Kirk Williams (KW), Santa Lucia Highlands farmer, owns and manages 150 acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. Kirk’s vineyards are very well maintained and each site has had the same vineyard manager for years. This small six acre vineyard sits between well known sites Rosellas and Garys’ but lower in elevation and closer proximity to the old Salinas River. The gravel loam soils consist of decomposed granite and significant amounts of quartz. This fruit is dark, robust and creates powerful Pinot Noir. As was the trend for 2013 ultra clean high quality fruit was harvested on September 12th at 23.3 brix. Purchase Here.

Highlands Ranch | Santa Lucia Highlands:

18 acre ranch that’s planted to a variety of Pinot Noir clones. Our plan for this vineyard was originally to add to our Central Coast blend but the wine decided to tell us something different.  At the foothills of the Los Padres Mountains this cool weather site with gravel laced sandy loam soils produce wonderful California Pinot Noir.  At $26, I feel this wine represents value to drinkers – one of our primary goals of this bottling.

We’re consistently one of the first to harvest across Santa Lucia Highlands. Harvested September 16th at 23.8 to clean gorgeous looking fruit. We feel this wine truly expresses the world class potential of Santa Lucia Highlands without the need to excessively ripen. No added water, very little acid and no other additions. Purchase Here.

AVA Bottlings:

Santa Cruz Mountains:

The Nelson Family Vineyard occupies 9 choice acres of the 162 acre Nelson home ranch, at approximately 1700ft of elevation. The majority of the property remains a Redwood forest in a wild, natural state, home to many species of native plants and animals. Situated on the coastal side of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the cool maritime breezes moderate the effect of the abundant sunshine, creating the perfect climate for producing high quality cool-climate varieties. The sparse soils beneath the vines consist of only a couple of feet of topsoil, with ancient marine uplift soils supplying the base rock beneath the vines. Most of the vineyard blocks are located on south to southwest facing slopes planted to four clones of Pinot Noir.

The blocks ripen at different times - 115 on August 31st at 21.1 BRIX and 828 September 15th at 22.3 BRIX. This fruit tends to be the most balanced we work with – clean, great acidity – and perfect for our native whole cluster fermentations. Each clone is fermented and aged separately. Combined after 11 months in barrel.  Highly aromatic with red fruit , earth, balanced acidity and tannic structure. Built to age, we expect this wine to drink well for 10-15+ years. Purchase Here.


Santa Lucia Highlands - SOLD OUT

Remaining barrels from KW and Highlands. Light in color with bright acidity this Pinot Noir reminds me of village level burgundy wine. A great everyday drinking wine that pairs well with a wide variety of foods. Consider buying cases - this value wine won't last long. SOLD OUT